Is taking testosterone safe for women?

What you need to know about the hormone and its benefits.

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From when we’re children we’re told that women are mainly built with the hormone estrogen and men have mainly testosterone and that’s what sets us apart. We know now as adults that this black and white idea is incorrect. As humans, we could be sitting at varying amounts of hormones depending on our own composition and it is completely possible for females to have too low or too high testosterone levels that could be affecting their overall health.

What functions does testosterone serve in a female’s body?

  • Producing blood cells
  • The proper functioning of the libido (sex drive)
  • Influencing reproduction and follicle-producing hormones.

When a woman’s testosterone is low, they can often have a low sex drive or satisfaction from sex as well as other health issues such as muscle pain and depression. The reason why many females could have low testosterone levels could be a few reasons, however, mainly it is due to ageing and the onset of menopause/perimenopause or issues with the ovaries or pituitary/adrenal glands. Testosterone is created in the ovaries, so naturally, as menopause sets in and our ovaries are no longer useful to us, it slows down the creation of testosterone as well. For decades, symptoms of menopause associated with low testosterone were blamed on low estrogen levels and possibly treated improperly.

It’s important for women who believe they have low testosterone levels to seek out a diagnosis from a medical professional, such as a medical doctor or nurse practitioner, before seeking help from a naturopath. Exogenous testosterone is considered a controlled substance by the Government of Canada and requires a prescription. It cannot be bought over the counter or provided by any other health professional for hormone replacement.

Is taking testosterone safe for women?

The fear of becoming masculinized or waking up with a beard is a common one for many women, however, in low doses, testosterone can actually help women feel more like themselves than anything else. There is a lot of controversy surrounding testosterone hormonal therapy and whether it is safe to take for women. It’s best to discuss your worries with a professional so they can provide you with science-backed information to answer your questions.

What are the key benefits of taking testosterone for women?

The main benefits that many women feel after taking testosterone are:

  • An increase in libido and interest in sex.
  • The pleasure of sex itself has also been seen to increase.
  • A boost in mood.
  • Stronger bone mass as well as other bodily systems.
  • A healthier overall reproductive system.

Testosterone is taken most often by injection, patch, or topical gel, but can also be administered in other ways. If you have any questions about the best way to take testosterone or how to speak to your doctor, reach out for a conversation with Vitalis Hormone Therapy today.

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